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Echo from a Bayou cover image

Echo from a Bayou

After waking from a coma, John discovers memories from his past life as Jack Bachman and sets out on a dangerous journey to find treasure, save his former wife, and confront his murderer.

"Thoroughly entertaining—murder, mayhem, adventure, and another chance at a stolen love."

Independent Book Review

"A dramatic treasure hunt whose ending just might be the gold you’ve been searching for."

Indies Today

Cover image for Waterborne


When Californians start getting sick, engineer Jake Bendel is abducted and forced to battle a secret network of terrorists while searching for the cause of the illness.

"An entertaining, action-packed tale involving viruses and terrorism."

Kirkus Reviews

"A thriller that stacks up against any on your bookshelf, Waterborne is a penetrating novel that will keep your pulse pounding and your jaw agape!"

Indies Today

Civil Terror: Gridlock cover image

Civil Terror: Gridlock

Terrorists weaponize the new self-driving system designed by a genius engineer, forcing him to partner with a rogue FBI agent to stop a national attack. A thought-provoking thriller about artificial intelligence and the self-driving revolution.

"A riveting story raising questions about artificial intelligence and security."

Independent Book Review

"A cyber-tale rooted in reality. Civil Terror: Gridlock is a thriller with surprisingly deep implications."


Cover image for Tides of Crime

Tides of Crime

Justice teeters on the brink as NYPD Detective Kristi Konnors navigates the treacherous currents of crime, conspiracy, and her own haunting past.

New release! Amazon bestseller in Conspiracy Thrillers and Short Reads


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J. Luke Bennecke is a veteran civil engineer with a well-spent career helping people by improving Southern California roadways. He now has three published bestselling and award-winning thrillers: Civil Terror: Gridlock, Waterborne, and his 2023 release Echo from a Bayou.

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